Interactive Coloring

drag iconDrag any color from the left toolbar to an area or text in the page. A blue outline will indicate a droppable element.

drag iconOn mobile, wait a tiny bit until you drag the color drop.


Stories are powerful. We tell them; and that separates us from animals. We’re conscious that we live in them; and that’s why we record history and biography. We also make them up; and when we make them up we reveal things about our loves and desires; about what’s wrong with the world and us, but also about how we imagine a better future or a solution to these problems.

Like But Better unapologetically loves stories; we only write about stories we love.

The story of Jesus is history; we receive it in the form of biographies (the Gospel) and history (the Old and New Testaments). It’s also what C.S Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien called ‘true myth’ or ‘true fairy story’ — it’s the answer — the true and historical answer — to our longings.

Like But Better explores the relationship between Jesus and figures from our stories — whether they’re stories from history, other biographies, or the stories we make up. Jesus is like, but better than, our heroes.